Learning Network for Collaboration is a London-based not-for-profit organisation originally developed by Japanese and English education experts. L-Net aims to promote learning networks between Japan and other countries at the individual and the organisational levels, based on the principles of Collaborative Network and Experiential Learning.

We as education experts have studied and worked in the fields of global education, internationalisation of higher education, citizenship, resilience education, professional development and lifelong learning. We are passionate about the idea of developing ourselves together – both intellectually and emotionally – through collaborating and learning. In such way, we wish to contribute to international understanding appreciating diversity and multi-culturalism.

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Our network
We build learning networks of people, particularly those who are:

1) researchers, students and journalists who specialise in/are interested in education, culture and other areas of humanities and social sciences in the UK and Japan;

2) government officials, academics and educators who are interested in educational policy, systems and learning and teaching methods in the two countries ; and

3) business organisations, NGOs and entrepreneurs that aim to develop/have developed projects related to the two countries.