‘Learning’ – a much broader concept than ‘education’ – can transform us. Through learning about others, we learn more about ourselves. L-Net contributes to the enhancement of intercultural understanding and collaboration by creating and supporting learning opportunities.

We learn for different purposes at different points in our lives – we are all lifelong learners. L-Net responds to diverse learning needs of individuals and organisations.

What one organisation on its own can achieve is limited. L-Net brings expertise and strengths together and builds collaborations to achieve greater good. L-Net is a Community of Practice (click) that values collaborative learning.



Thus, our role is threefold:

1) We are a creator – questioning conventional ways of ‘studying abroad’, we create and offer original global learning opportunities;

2) We are a mediator – contributing to the building of both-way collaborative relationships in research and innovation activities;

3) We are a developer – linking collaborators, participants and other stakeholders to develop learning networks with a belief that collaboration is a mutual learning process.


Organisation members:

Co-founder/Trustee Co-founder/Trustee Trustee Trustee

Kaori Kitagawa

Hiroyuki Takagi

Roger Pask

Margaret Mulholland


Senior Advisor Advisor Collaborator

Takaaki Fujiwara

Rieko Fukano

Mika Ishikawa


Date of foundation: April 2013