Hiroyuki Takagi (Co-founder)

Hiro came to the UK in 1995 after working for a private company in Japan and Singapore. Since then, he has worked for higher education institutions in Reading and London as both an administrator, including a manager of the Student Welfare Centre and the International Office, and a researcher in higher education studies. His PhD was about the internationalisation of university curriculum in the UK and Japan, from the Institute of Education, University of London. Since 2014 he took up an associate professorship at Programme for European Studies, Kobe University in Japan for five years. He currerntly work for Tamagawa University in Tokyo an associate professor of College of Arts and Sciences, as well as institution-wide centre for international education as an associate director.

His recent publications include:
-2018 Cultivating Globally Competent Human Resources/Citizens in Collaboration among Different Levels of Education: Possibility of K-16 Curriculum Development, Journal of the Japan Association for Global Competency Education Vol. 5, No. 2
-2017 Development of English-Medium Instruction as a Key for Internationalizing Curricula, In: English-Medium Instruction in Japanese Higher Education: Policy, Challenges and Outcomes, Multilingual Matters
-2016 Significances and Issues of Double-degree Programmes Developed between Japanese and European Universities: From the Perspective of Postgraduates’ Experiences, Ryuugaku Kouryuu, October, Vol.67, JASSO
-2016 Transformation of Japanese universities in a process of the internationalization: a comparative perspective with Anglo-Saxon universities, In: Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Higher Education, Taylor & Francis,

He is interested in communicating and learning with people from different backgrounds. He is passionate about expanding his knowledge and experiences, as well as deepening his speciality, through taking diverse learning opportunities.