Takaaki Fujiwara

Takaaki Fujiwara is a professor of Department of Childhood Studies, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts. He obtained PhD in Education and Culture.
He currently conducts his research on curriculum design and creating teaching materials for students to learn global issues in the areas of social studies, international understanding and development education.
Intercultural understanding and multicultural coexistence is needed in Japan where many foreign people live. It is necessary for Japanese people not only to understand different cultures or custom, but also to think how we live together with others in/from different cultural backgrounds.
I produced learning material software, called ‘Hyotanjima Mondai’ which enables students to learn multicultural coexistence with a feeling of playing a computer game. It has been used at several schools and international centres across Japan. I have given a number of lectures and workshops about this software.
My recent research also focuses on citizenship education. I have conducted joint research projects with researchers in other institutions with the aim to find a way through which citizenship is cultivated, having a public sprit and ethical values, for development of their community.
Moreover, I am also interested in development education that is to acquire global perspectives, knowledge and behaviors for solving various global issues, such as poverty and famine in some developing countries, war, conflict, violation of human rights and environmental disruption. I lead study tours in a developing country where students study sustainable development of the country.