Our Learning Programmes

L-Net’s learning programmes emphasise learning through experiencing and learning as a process, underpinned by the Experiential Learning theory. We encourage learners to immerse themselves in authentic environments to maximise their learning experiences. In certain programmes, we also promote Active Learning (click), reciprocal learning and Transformative Learning (click). We have worked closely with academic and professional experts in developing our Learning Framework. It categorises the programmes we develop and offer into three groups depending on the purpose of the learning. Both individual and group learners are welcome to participate in any programme. We also design bespoke programmes.

Learning Framework



Example programmes

Learning for pleasure

The programmes in this category are about enjoying the process of learning and the learning of cultures.

Immersing yourselves in local environments, you will explore a specific aspect of the culture (e.g. history, cuisine) or deepen the knowledge or skills you already have. The programmes can also be for those who simply want an alternative holiday.

·The origin of the Slow Food: Piemonte (details)·South Italy (details)·Bread-making in Sur de France (details)
Learning for global citizenship

‘Global citizenship’ has become a buzz word, and governments have developed related policies.

In Japan, for instance, ‘global human resource development’ has been one of the priority educational agendas. L-Net’s emphasis lies on the enhancement of international understanding through experiencing different cultures. The programmes in this category are for universities, schools and individual students, or could also be part of in-service training.

·English conversational and cultural programme (details)·London multi-culturalism study tour (details)
Learning for professional development

The world of work is competitive, and upskilling is required to all of us in advancing professionalism.

L-Net’s response to such demand is to consider ‘upskilling’ in a broader sense offering unique hands-on professional development opportunities for individual professionals, professional bodies and profit/not-for-profit organisations.

·Mentoring-coaching as a tool for maximising human potential (details)·English speech and articulation training (details)·The Slow Food movement in Piemonte: for professionals