L-Net has co-ordinated and delivered the language and cultural training programme in London for HUTE. The main focus of the short programme was to enhance participants’ international/multi-cultural understanding and English communication skills. The participants were four postgraduate students and one undergraduate student, who were accompanied by two administrators and one academic staff member.
Based in the campus of St Mary’s University which is also a teacher training college, the participants stayed in a hall of residence, engaging in a range of activities including the orientation of London’s multi-culturalism, a visit to Cranford Community College, an exchange meeting with St Mary’s staff and students, as well as English conversational lessons. The participants also visited UCL Institute of Education which is HUTE’s partner university, and met one of the Japanese PhD students to discuss educational issues.
Through those cultural experiences in which the participants were encouraged to compare systems and policies between England and Japan and to share issues and challenges that they as education professionals are facing. They commented in evaluation that ‘the programme has helped us consider “education” from different perspectives’. It is hoped that the tripartite partnership between HUTE, St Mary’s and L-Net will further develop in the future.