The L-Net undertookled by Professor Aya Yamanaka, Kochi University, and funded by the JSPS. The L-Net also acted as an interpreter during their visit.

On 2 March, after interviewing the Borough of Camden’s Head of Service, Children Schools and Families, we went to Ryle Primary School, which is well-known for its focus on arts subjects, to observe Year 2 and Year 4 lessons and also to interview the music teacher.

The other visit was on 4 March to Buxton All-Through School in east London. After observing a Year 4 lesson, we interviewed the head of music and the music teacher. We also interviewed an academic expert on music education at the University of East London. Observing two very different schools and their lessons was meaningful to the research, and the interviews helped the researchers clarify the changes in the music curriculum since the introduction of the National Curriculum in 1988.