L-Net has co-ordinated research visits and interviews for Professor Masuyuki Tanida’s (Hyogo University of Teacher Education) project entitled ‘A recent trend on PSHE and Citizenship Education and their in-service training in England’ funded internally. During this London, which was the third visit in the series of his research, the professor, accompanied by L-Net, visited two schools, an NGO that supports schools and teachers and interviewed two academic experts. The schools visited were Haverstock School, which is a secondary school known for its diverse extra-curricular activities that aim to foster citizenship in pupils, and St Fidelis School, which is a Catholic primary school that combines UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child and Christianity as the basis for moral and citizenship education. Both schools are keen on international collaborations, and we are considering how to develop one from hereon. We also interviewed academics in the fields of religious education and moral philosophy, who are from HUTE’s one of the partner universities, UCL Institute of Education, which helped us develop a theoretical and historical understanding of moral and citizenship education in England.

Haverstock School

Institute of Education, University College London