In March, L-Net supported the research team of Assistant Professor Sanae Tanaka, Associate Professors Yuko Yoshimura and Yukiko Araki from the Research Center for Child Mental Development of Kanazawa University. Their purpose was to investigate the role of experts, quality control systems and students’ progressions through observing some practices of special needs education and inclusive education in London. They were also interested in meeting charity organisations that offer support and guidance to autistic young people and adults. In collaboration with National Autism Society(NAS), the team and L-Net visited NAS Anderson School, and undertook interviews with Dynamic Autism Group, which targets autistic youths, and Asperger London Area Group, which supports autistic adults. At Anderson School, one of the pupils took us to a school tour, explaining some key facilities and lessons specially designed to support autistic children. When the pupil commented ‘I want to have some exchange with Japanese students like myself’, the research team decided to explore a possibility for the exchange between Anderson and a school in Kanazawa. L-Net is planning to support its process. L-Net also hope to promote the team and the two self-support groups will keep in contact.

Kanazawa Univ Team